FIFA 20 Update

FIFA 20 Update 1.04:

FIFA 20 has just received a new gameplay update. However, it didn’t fix the errors in career mode. Even on the day of the FIFA 20 premiere, there were a lot of comments from dissatisfied players on the network. They encountered a lot of errors and mistakes in the career mode of the latest edition of the sports series from EA Sports. Errors mainly relate to the players’ poor reaction to motivational conversations and interviews given before and after the conferences. Artificial intelligence is also a problem. While simulating the behaviour of virtual managers, it commits such mistakes as letting out the freshman, when the team squad includes much more experienced players. However, we know that EA Sports is already working on the next patch, which will focus on the correct assessment of how important a particular meeting is.

When will they fix career mode?

When this sees the light of day, we do not know. But the developer said that it needs a little more time. They have to deal with broken AI algorithms and explore the nature of the problem. Nevertheless, the latest patch that raises the game to version 1.04 is still worth downloading. This corrects other, minor errors that appear in the new title of the EA Sports sports series. In the meantime, you can check out our online applications – FIFA 20 Coins Generator and FIFA Mobile Generator. You can also see how to get more FIFA 20 Coins without paying anything. Do not forget to leave us some feedback about FIFA 20!