FIFA 20 Predictions

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FIFA 20 Predictions. The year 2019 is coming to an end. So our team decided to try some predictions for 2020 in FUT Market. Of course with mentions of some historical moments from the first few months of FIFA 20. Let’s be honest – SBCs for Icons didn’t help the market. Also having 4 cards of the same player with the same overall isn’t helping at all too. EA Sports made some mistakes during the process of creating FUT 20 Market. So let’s say that – there is not much fun in trading this year.

However, there is always time to make it better and we do believe this will happen in 2020. The main thing that EA should do is focus on the prices for certain groups of ratings – right now you can buy some 83 rated cards for less than 1000 FIFA Coins. We highly recommend and we hope EA Sports will do it in early 2020. That is our first prediction.

What’s next?

The second prediction is more about the technical thing but…have you ever tried to snipe a card while living in the EU? We are getting a lot of feedback from our EU fans and the problem is huge. Because of the lack of dedicated servers in FIFA 20, EU players are suffering from a 2-3 seconds lag and it’s almost impossible to snipe some rare cards at lower prices. That’s why we predict EA Sports will finally add dedicated servers and all players will be equal while trading.

The third and last prediction is Squad Building Challenges. We think we will get a lot more challenges in 2020 for Player SBCs and we hope it will come true. By the way – do you have enough Coins in FUT? If not, feel free to check out our articles with special deals – Get FIFA Coins and FIFA 20 Coins. What’s more, you can try our hacks – FIFA Generator Cheats, FIFA Coin Generator, FIFA Mobile Cheats and FIFA 20 Coins Generator. You can also check out our article about FIFA 20 FUTMAS!