FIFA 20 New Features

Ball Physics:

It is last post about FIFA 20 New Features. Firstly, this game brings us a brand new “Ball Physics System” which raises the game’s gameplay to a different level of realism. So it offers more realistic tackle interactions, new shot trajectories and improves all other physics–driven behaviours of the players on the pitch. However, “Football Informed Motion” is a new motion system. It gives players more realistic bounces and ball spins, creating a nearly real–to–life football experience.

On the other hand, we are introduced to the “New Shot Trajectories” feature. EA Sports, thanks to the new ball motion system, unlocked a wide variety of realistic shot trajectories, from knuckleballs, technically dipping shots, to first–time rising shots and swerved set–pieces.

Other upgrades and changes:

In addition to what we have written above, EA Sports published a quite long list of other improvements that they have made to FIFA 20 gameplay. Some of them are not so big, and you probably will not notice them immediately after logging into the game, but some are quite big and significant. So all these changes and improvements share one goal – to provide you with the best gameplay. The one that will allow you to read and predict the game, rather than react to what your opponent is doing.

Here’s a list of some of them:

– Improved Blocking – to reduce the amount of missed blocks, also added new animations;

– Referees In Play – so they are now “penetrable” and should not collide with the players and Ball anymore. It’s a change that has been done to prevent referees from having an impact on the play in any way;

– Improved Blocks – it reduces the amount of missed blocks, it also gained new animations;

– Lofted Passes – when you are pressing the ground, or through pass, you unlock so–called “dinked pass”;

– Kick–Off Emotions – from now on players can perform an emotion during any Kick–Off, EA Sports also improved animations and Basic functionality;

– Removed “No Touch Dribble” – it has been made to avoid conflicts with other game mechanics. It also creates space for new “Set Up Touch”;

– Early Lock to Pass Receiver – it allows locking to a Receiver early vs late (default). Locking late will enable players to change their mind as late as it is possible, right before kicking the Ball. Locking early allows players to change the left stick direction after the pass animation starts without changing the course of the pass;

– Ball Relative Switching – it is a new switching option which activates when using the Right–stick to switch. Instead of the classic Player Relative switches, players can now change their settings to perform Ball Relative switches;

– 50/50 Tackles – it is giving an extra advantage to the dribbler when being tackled;

– New Celebrations and Animations – fresh update of the library of real–life moments, it’s refreshing the overall Visual quality of the game. It also aims for a better depiction of moves and reactions of players.

– New Skill Moves – Feint and Exit, Lateral Heel to Heel, Drag to Drag and Flair Roulette. These are the brand new skill moves in FIFA 20. What’s more, Heel Chop Turn and Drag Back Sombrero have new combo skills.

– Pass Block Assistance – when you turn off the “Pass Block Assistance” setting, it will affect only the User Controlled player, not the AI–controlled ones. It allows users to have more control for autoblocks.

We want your feedback!

So tell us, how do you like all these FIFA 20 New Features? Authentic Game Flow, Decisive Moments and all above. So it seems like EA Sports is going to deliver a great game! What’s more, you can also check how to get FIFA Coins and FIFA 20 Coins or try our FIFA Coin Generator.