FIFA 20 New Customization

FIFA 20 New Customization:

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to our second article about upcoming changes in FIFA 20 game. Today we are going to talk about another feature – FIFA 20 New Customization. So in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode we will find eight options of personalization of our club. We will be able to change:

Home kit;

Away kit;





Stadium theme;

and Tifo.

What else can we personalize?

Also, we will be able to customize them according to our preferences. All that to present our team’s soul – we will put in the stands our favorite football player, show specific goal celebration or take care of the right theme on the stadium. This is interesting, because, for example, our favorite goal celebration will allow us to quickly (by pressing a single button) move our player, but at the same time developers will not block all other goal celebrations.

As a result, we think that this rework is excellent. More personalization options equal more fun. So along with other changes – Season Objectives, FUT Friendlies, and Easier Squad Management, it seems that EA Sports did a great job this year. Maybe FIFA 20 will be the best of the whole series? We can’t wait to spend first FIFA Coins in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode! And speaking of FIFA Coins, maybe you need some? Therefore you can check out our FIFA Coin Generator, or try to learn how to get FIFA Coins and FIFA 20 Coins for free!