FIFA 20 Icons
FUT Icons distribution in FIFA 20

FIFA 20 Icons versions

We can tell that EA Sports listened to the community feedback and monitored game health of FIFA 19. Thanks to this they were able to add new features to FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 20 and rework some old ones including FIFA 20 Icons. No more releasing new cards like Prime Moments in the middle of the season without any announcement. In FUT 20 there will be four unique versions for each of the 89 Icons available in the game. They will be available during specific periods throughout the season:

Base (lowest rating) – this version will be available in packs from the start of the EA and Origin Access Trial until mid–December 2019 only;

Mid – This version will be available in packs from the beginning of the EA & Origin Access Trial until mid–February 2020 exclusively;

Prime – This version will be available in packs from mid–December 2019 until the end of FUT 20;

Moment (highest rating) – this version will be introduced into packs throughout February 2020 until the end of FUT 20.

Selected Icons will also be available in FUT Draft mode during a specific period.

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So how do you like these changes? Please contact us if you have something to say about it. We think that EA Sports did an excellent job reworking this part of the game. However, we will see how players will react to this. Meanwhile, feel free to check out our FIFA 20 Coins Generator and download FIFA 20 Coins guide. It is worth your time!