FIFA 20 FUT Friendlies

FIFA 20 FUT Friendlies:

Finally, the third article is ready to go live! This time we are writing about so–called FIFA 20 FUT Friendlies. So what is it? It is a brand new HUB which allows us to play with our friends (online or locally). Players will be able to play a regular 11vs11 matches or test their skills in games without most essential rules. In this place we will also be able to check House Rules – all modes from FIFA 19 are back, but we will get four new:

– Max Chemistry – as the name suggests, all players will get a significant boost. Your formation, position, or other elements known from creating the FIFA Ultimate Team will not be relevant here. All players will start the match with full chemistry, as well as the whole team will have 100 chemistry.

– Swaps – at the beginning of every game, you will get three new players. This will allow you to test different FUT cards.

– Mystery Ball – there will be the “Mystery Ball” in the game, which will diversify events on the screen. For example; when we score a goal, we can count it as three goals.

– King of the Hill – during the match, a box will appear, and our job will be to stay in its’ center.

FIFA 20 Features feedback:

Season Objectives, New Customization, Easier Squad Management, and now FIFA 20 FUT Friendlies; all these changes look fantastic. But not as excellent as our FIFA Mobile Generator and FIFA 20 Coins Generator, which you can access anytime.