FIFA 20 Easier Squad Management

FIFA 20 Easier Squad Management:

Firstly, let us say that the more we dig information about FIFA 20, the more excited we get. In today’s article we want to cover the FIFA 20 Easier Squad Management feature. It seems like developers from EA Sports spent a lot of time to be sure that the new FIFA Ultimate Team’s main screen is more pleasant than ever. That it will allow players to create their squads a lot easier and faster than before. EA Sports did some significant changes that will accelerate the gameplay.

Buttons combinations:

If you are selecting a player in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, pressing <R1 / RB> will now take you directly to your club (filtered to the position if you selected that). From there you can refine the results with a quick press of <△ / Y>. You will access the full set of unified filters if needed. If you press <L1 / LB>, you will be navigated to the Transfer Market. It will be earlier filtered to the position that you filled and with a FIFA Coins balance that does not exceed your actual maximum for Buy It Now option. What’s more, now pressing <☐ / X> on a player will bring up a radial menu. It will contain quick options to apply consumable cards, quick sell a player or go to the tactics.

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This is the last article of the series about FIFA 20 improvements. We have covered all features – Season Objectives, New Customization, FUT Friendlies and Easier Squad Management. Please share with us your thoughts! And in the meantime, feel free to check our programs – FIFA Coin Generator and FIFA Cheats. Good luck!