FIFA 20 Decisive moments

FIFA 20 Decisive Moments” are another feature that we will have the chance to experience while playing FIFA 20. It allows players to have more control over the key moments that affect the final result of any match we play. “Decisive Moments” consist of:

– “Controlled Tackling” at the back – thanks to the “Active Touch System,” user–controlled defending will now have an advantage over the AI–controlled one. You will be rewarded through a new set of tackle animations. The cleaner the tackle, the more chance of getting the ball;

– “Composed Finishing” in the final third – rework of the Basic mechanics of shooting will bring you more clinical, accurate and consistent finishing. You will experience more realistic shooting that offers risk and reward in more challenging situations e.g., volleyed crosses;

 â€“ “Strafe Dribbling” – the new strafe dribble mechanic adds more attacking options. It is allowing you to move more agile than in previous FIFA games. You will be able to beat your foes with your skill or speed;

– “Set Piece Refresh” – a system that provides more in–depth options of aiming penalties and free kicks. It also introduces more rewarding, skill–based mechanics for ball–striking.

FIFA 20 Decisive Moments, as well as Authentic Game Flow will significantly increase your input in the crucial stages of every football match you play. If you have time, you can read how to get FIFA Coins and FIFA 20 Coins for free! Have fun!