FIFA 20 Authentic Game Flow

FIFA 20 Authentic Game Flow – so what is this mystery feature? Firstly, as EA Sports states, it gives AI–controlled players a better understanding of space, time and their position on the virtual football field (probably in comparison with FIFA 19 and previous EA Sports games). It focuses on the user-controlled play thanks to the new features:

– “Dynamic One–on–Ones” – which has been built based on the game tempo from the best football leagues in the world. This accelerated game flow delivers more realistic spacing and pace of play, resulting in more one on one goal chances. Therefore, it is emphasizing on Decisive Moments controlled by users;

– Improved “AI Defending” – reworked tackling and positioning system allows AI to better harmonize with the user-controlled players. It also offers more intelligent defensive support with simultaneous rewarding and advantaging user defending;

– “Natural Player Motion” – that brings us better locomotion and positioning innovations. AI players now move in a way more natural and composed fashion than in previous FIFA games. In addition, it creates quite a realistic football movement for all players placed on the football field.

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