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What is is a brand new website about FIFA 20 game. Few friends created it, the FIFA series enthusiasts (more on that on About Us subpage), that want to bring you the latest news about the FIFA 20 game (and other versions too). We will do what we can to bring you the best service with the most excellent user experience.

When was the site created?

Our website has been finished at the beginning of August 2019. We officially launched it on 7th August 2019.

How often do you publish new posts?

We try to publish new posts whenever it is needed – when we acquire some further information about FIFA 20 (for example, when EA Sports releases some new data about the game). There will also be posts about other stuff.

Do you run advertisements?

At this moment we do not monetize our traffic in any way. But it could change, and we might cooperate with some third–party websites like Google Adsense to monetize it.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through Contact subpage or our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Feel free to write to us about anything.

Do you plan to expand your website?

Yes, we have some wide–ranged plans. We will try to improve the website and your user experience gradually. You will always be informed about our future actions.

If you have more questions than these in FAQ, please contact us by sending us an email. We would much appreciate it!