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So you want to know how to contact our team? It is pretty straightforward. If you want to contact us about anything (our website, FIFA 20 game, updates and others), please feel free to send us a message (or messages) on our email [email protected].

We will do whatever it takes to answer your questions and doubts as fast as it is possible. We are trying to answer every email in a maximum of 24 hours. What we care about the most is the satisfaction of our visitors.

We want to create the complex service about our favourite game series FIFA, and the latest version – EA Sports FIFA 20. That is why we are posting the newest information regarding FIFA 20. Why so? To keep you updated and oriented in the subject all the time. You can also contact us through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

However, in the nearest future, we will probably launch a particular contact form. It will make it easier to get in touch with us. So stay tuned and visit our website frequently to keep yourself updated! Best regards from team.

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