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About Us

If you are here on this very subpage, that means you must be curious who made this website. Do you want to know more about us, who we are? Let’s answer this then – we are just a bunch of guys (we know each other for about twelve years) that like FIFA series and played almost every version of FIFA that exists – FIFA 98, FIFA Street, FIFA 19 and more. We are waiting, just like you, for the FIFA 20 world premiere. So it electrifies us every year – first teasers, information, pitch notes, gameplays.

For now, FIFA 20 looks very promising. And our goal is clear and straightforward – keep you informed about FIFA 20 (updates, changes, the team of the weeks, special events and more). We want to do it fast and professionally. Our crew wants you to come back on our website frequently to check if there are any new posts. We know that we are not the only ones on the internet, but we want to give you more than the rest of the websites. Include some significant factor that will hold you here, with absolutely no need to visit other similar sites. You will learn more about us through our actions.

So will we succeed? It is hard to tell by now, but our expectations are high. Much higher than the TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo’s rating!

about us